We have
comfortable rooms

All our rooms are fully equipped
Everything essential for you to enjoy your stay!

Discover the magic of
Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca offers us beautiful beaches to enjoy, we are just a few meters from the beach in Mazunte
with our space Hotel Madre Tierra.

Disconnect from the everyday

 Be fascinated by contemplating the beauties nature, embark on a journey of self-discovery, through outdoor activities in beautiful natural locations, with all the safety and comfort that we offer at Grupo Hotelero Madre Tierra.

Unforgettable stays

Grupo Hotelero Madre Tierra offers an unforgettable stay in the best destinations in the country. Our proposal integrates the charm and hospitality of Mexico, granting free and avant-garde spaces, as well as a warm service that is always close and available to live in a family environment that inspires, comfortable and perfect. Grupo Madre Tierra opens its doors to those who wish to enjoy exceptional hospitality and live great moments accompanied by their loved ones.

Unique spaces

We are proud to share our properties with unique architecture and offer our guests a service that makes them feel at home, achieves memorable stays that turn adventure vacations and travel from business to pleasure, no matter the destination you choose. Get to know our destinations!

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